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Explore the Keys aboard the brand new Marathon Mermaid today! Your next adventure is waiting for you!
Marathon Florida Boat Tour

Hello! Welcome to the Marathon Mermaid! Having a Marathon Florida Boat Tour company has been a dream of John and Angela's for years, and now is finally a reality! John, born and raised in Marathon, and Angela, a "transplant" from California, met in 2015, when Angela was a scuba instructor at the marina where John owned his rental boat business. Angela had dreamed of owning her own charter boat for years since she became a professional scuba diver and John wanted to be the person to make that dream come true with his skills and knowledge of boats. Skip forward a few years and they started to work on this dream, and that is where the "Marathon Mermaid" was born. Built from the ground up, the "Marathon Mermaid" is truly a one of a kind boat, the only one like it in the world. Together, John and Angela put both of their ideas together to create this beautiful and unique vessel.

We didn't know what we were up against starting a Marathon Florida Boat Tour company and the struggles we were going to encounter when we started building this boat. But everything we learned and the entire process just made the end result that much sweeter, the whole "WE DID IT" feeling was exhilarating.  We are excited to watch our business grow and see what adventure it is going to take us on. Starting a charter boat to take people out to enjoy the beauty that we get to live every day is definitely the best part of this whole experience. Helping people to have the best vacation possible, with them leaving the Keys wanting to come back is exactly what our goal is! 

We offer exciting excursions for you to see and experience all of the beauty the Keys has to offer! Take in the sunset in style, cruising around the iconic 7 Mile Bridge aboard the brand new Marathon Mermaid, explore our island like a local at the sandbar, or snorkel the famous Florida Keys Sanctuary! We have something for the whole family to enjoy!

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