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Reef Snorkel

Quick Details

Child 17 & Under
Infant 3 & Under

Snorkel the World’s 3rd Largest Barrier Reef!

We will take you to the famous Sombrero Key Light Reef on the fastest, newest and most comfortable boat in Marathon! First, you will get a luxury ride aboard the beautiful Marathon Mermaid out to the protected reef to see first hand the beautiful ecosystem that the Florida Keys is famous for, using top -rated equipment. Then, after you have explored to your heart’s content, you will get to relax on the enjoyable ride back with fresh fruit and beverages!

What to Bring

Please bring:
• a towel
• reef-safe sunscreen (or we will provide you with some!)
• sunglasses
• refillable water bottle
• anything else you need to enjoy your ride on the boat!

We provide water, soda, light snacks, and fruit, you may bring anything to eat or drink on the boat, no glass or hard alcohol will be permitted aboard.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are not used to being on a boat we do suggest taking Dramamine or Bonamine (motion sickness prevention medication) the night before and the morning of to help prevent sea sickness. Being on vacation where you are eating and drinking things you don’t usually consume and then being on a boat, even the calmest of days people can be subject to getting seasick.